Reviews: Light


Roll and writes are hot right now guys. Hot. Flaming queso with serrano and habenero peppers hot. So, feeling obligated to write about one, enter: Saint Malo.

Azul won hearts and minds in 2017, so there's a lot of hype and skepticism around its sequel. We investigate how the sophomore run of the series by Michael Kiesling fares. May the best tiler win.

PUSH is a simple push-your-luck card game by Prospero Hall, where players alternate turns drawing colored cards numbered 1-6 into stacks to create unique, non-matching sets to get the most points. On a player's turn, they draw cards to add to up to three columns, which can only contain cards of unique number and color.

Ahhh, Fireball Island, along with Omega Virus, the game I look fondly upon playing during my youth at friends' houses. Nostalgia runs deep with this one. When I heard that Rob Daviau and Restoration Games were reviving this old 1986 gem, not with just a reprint, but a completely new version, I was pretty stoked. There were many days where I played this as a young kid, excited to flick a fireball at my opponents and watch them come crashing down the volcano.